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ok, well I'd like to revive this thread. Its now 2013 and I'm ready to buy as of tomorrow or whenever I find a deal that I feel is good. I'm not in hurry, I have until April untill I'll need it.

So again, I'd like to hear from the guys that run a Tiger Cat. I've decided agaisnt the Turf Tiger simply because it's more mower than I'll need. The Tiger Cat is my 1st choice as of right now but I'd consider the Cheetah as well. The Cheetah isn't too much more $ than the Tiger Cat. My only concern with the Cat is the engine size. I'm getting a 61" deck and plan on running a rear 3 bin bagger as well. I'm concerned it'll bog down with a large deck and bagger. What I read was the largest engine for that machine is a 27hp Kawi air cooled. My old Wildcat had a 25hp and while it never stalled out, I did bog it down here and there. so will an extra 2hp be enough to run a larger deck and a bagger?

If I go with a Cheetah, I can get a larger engine. I wish the offered something in the 30hp range for the Tiger Cat. If you have anything good, bad or ugly to say about either the Cheetah or Tiger Cat, I'm all ears.
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