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I'm making notes in RED

1. use a netbook with wifi - going with two 10" tablets for the employees, and either a tablet for me or the hybrid tablet/laptop I mentioned earlier.
2. Keep office version of hindsite and QB on a desktop at the office. - Current laptop is being converted to a dedicated machine at the shop for just as you mentioned.
3. Do billing in the office and not in feild your are more focoused and less of a chance of a mistake I prefer to collect a check on most jobs at the time of service, at least from my employees. I personally usually have so many things going on that I usually bill out from the office for my own work. Usually, but not always.
4.All techs get a netbook with policy of damage replacment (they break it wages garnished) As mentioned, tablets, and I will create a damage policy.
5. All techs use hindsite clock in and out of jobs, travel, shop etc to track hours then sent to qb for payroll
I also have a policy that if they dont clock in and out of jobs/netbook they dont get paid - doubt that is legal to not pay them. It will take time for us to get used to it, so I know there will be instances that jobs don't get clocked into, or out of, for a while.
6. Use the guys at hindsite for help. Thats what you are paying for so use them as a resource. - Will do
7. Remember it will be a learning process and not an event. - Yup.
8. You will be surprised how much time is wasted and product not counted. So be ready to hire, fire, and create new policies that will help to grow the business. Appreciate the advice.

It will take some time to get used to, and I have 2-3 more training sessions. I'm really excited to use it, and get away from all the damn paperwork, and double entry of sales receipts and/or invoice/work order entries. Thanks z.
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