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Originally Posted by ryde307 View Post
Good info.
Also wondering more about irrigation services.
Fert and other more specific items. Instead of here is our company we do all of this wondering if a more focused ad would help results.
I'm going to have one side focus on full service maintenance contracts but state that "ala cart services available" and the other side to focus on design/builds of hard/softscapes.

Bob at Plan-It does exceptional work. He's done fall services doorhangers ('12s featured snow also, '11 didnt) it yielded NOTHING! I think the timing may have been bad or people in the neighborhoods I hit don't care about fall, not sure. But that doesn't take anything away from his work quality, it's pretty damn good. Higher price but his design is second to none. I'll most likely have him design, and I may go with someone different for printing.

Metro36, so you basically bring them printed to the post office?
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