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I figured it was a large crew, with 6 trucks and all that stuff going out every day. I have 3 trucks, but crew #1 only takes one of them out.
I thought that perhaps some folks had misunderstood the question, and were providing a complete inventory instead of a daily thing. See, if it was me, I would wait 'til winter to take those 3 snowplows out on a daily basis.
What's a Redmax 7001, a trimmer, and why do you bring so many of them? Have you got a cemetary job, or other job with a bunch of trimming?
I have a lot of equipment, but I have simplified, and don't bring much out on an average day. I don't even bring my hedge trimmers unless I have planned a trimming job for that day. I do bring hand pruning tools, for light touch-ups.
Glad to hear you're doing so well, General Grounds. Not just making a living, but providing jobs for so many people. Keep up the good work.
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