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- Get Your Facebook Pages in Shape: There's a thread going in the General Discussion forum re: Pages and getting each other to Like them. I'd say at least half of them have serious issues with the real estate Facebook gives you as a virtual billboard, the "Cover" (banner) and Profile pic. Most have Profile pics that are forced to fit the allowable image size and are not utilizing the Cover area for any type of marketing.

Also, pay attention to the overlay of the Profile image over part of the Cover. I've seen several Pages where the Profile pic blocks part of a phone number or whatever marketing message is attempting to be conveyed on the Cover.

To avoid Facebook mangling your images via their resizing, work within these parameters and you're on your way.

Profile Image: 160px X 160px (if you're not using a square image to start, Facebook will destroy your final product)

Cover Image (aka the banner image): 851px X 315px
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