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Originally Posted by zimmatic View Post
The learning curve was steep for a few eployee's some not all
1.They didnt want to change from punching the time clock at the shop in the morning to punching out at the end of the day.
2. They wanted to "just get the work done" vs entering notes, completing assesments or entering parts
3. Why could we just keep using paper work orders and I dont know how to run a computer

I did training, gave grace periods etc I should have fired the problems employee's that didnt fall in line
Looking back it was my fault for not making a clean break and haveing a crystal clear policy for use of hindsite.

If you cannot accuratly account for all the time each employee works for you they are stealing from you and costing you money!
Some on lanwsite may disagree with my idea and will try to rationalize it in some off the wall way but in the end it is stealing your money your time. So when I run a timesheet and there are more than 10 -15 min of unaccounted for time they are in the office for a sit down.
I wrestled with this problem way to long and tried to "work through" the problems. So after you work with hindsite for a period of time develope a policy for your team that is crystal clear. If they can run a trencher, wire a controller, sodder copper, hindsite is a breeze.

On a different note purchase mappoint for hindsite. I like using it for cordinates when I file a locate for utilities. It also works good for routing, when I added an officer person she had to help with scheduling and had no clue where jobs/clients where at.

These are just my experinces, along with trying to pass that tribal knowledge along.

Does hindsite track time on the job and wages for piecemeal?
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