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Originally Posted by Sean Adams View Post
You are obsessed with the idea that I am referring to this kind of success based on having a lot of money to start with. I did not start with any money. In fact, didn't even have a truck - had to borrow my Mom's station wagon, return it every night with gas and cleaned inside and out.

The young man I am referring to did not start with any money either. He is in his 5th year of business.

In 2013 you do not need money to advertise a business in this industry. Give me $200 and some time and I can grow a business as big as I want it to be. It's about effort, salesmanship, and technology.

You have the very unfortunate and misguided belief that it takes money or being bankrolled to be a success or grow a business....once again, very incorrect.
Well can you walk me through the process of the startup to the Real Business and the timeline to becoming the Real Business....and the $200 marketing campaign?

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