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Can you tell the folks with too much time on there hands or what... Bra... You can't teach an old dog new tricks, and that fella ain't the sharpist tool in the shed, should be ringing resiliently in your ears... All you need is an ugly Dodge and a three wheeled walkbehind... And high prices... It helps if you speak Latin and know a lot about plants too. Here's business 101 ... With 10,000 dollars... I go buy 4 ... $500. Dollar walkbehinds... I got 8000. For oil and belts and beer... 2 of the 4 run good any given day... I wonder around town and cut 10 lawns @ 65 per cut...that takes me 6 hours...I spend 1 hour drinking beers and hitting the other 2 with a wrench so they run too. So.... 650 a day...your helper gets 100. Plus sum beer... 300. Goes in your cigar box in the shed... And 200 goes to you old lady... This plan works for like 5 years....because I change oil/filters like a man possed... If your doing the math it went for! Three days a week and praying for rain... Let it rain, let it pour, dear lord let the grass go sum more....
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