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Originally Posted by coolluv View Post
Thats not how you presented things in your original post. I commented on your flawed posts and I stand by my statements.

You also assume that the business owner is sitting on mountains of cash in your above example. How many are starting a business that can walk away in one year and work on the business. You provide an unrealistic example as your explanation for doling out bad advice in your original posts.

I'm not going to argue with you.

Dave, I side with Sean in that you sound very ignorant in your claims-No offense.

Originally Posted by Sean Adams View Post
You are obsessed with the idea that I am referring to this kind of success based on having a lot of money to start with. I did not start with any money. In fact, didn't even have a truck - had to borrow my Mom's station wagon, return it every night with gas and cleaned inside and out.

The young man I am referring to did not start with any money either. He is in his 5th year of business.

In 2013 you do not need money to advertise a business in this industry. Give me $200 and some time and I can grow a business as big as I want it to be. It's about effort, salesmanship, and technology.

You have the very unfortunate and misguided belief that it takes money or being bankrolled to be a success or grow a business....once again, very incorrect.
I started with $0. I bought Sean's book when i first started and it helped a lot. Going into year 5 and with some work that we've already signed for next year, we are over the $100k/yr in gross revenue. At this point it's just myself and a part-time helper but I've been working all month on putting systems into place to make us more efficient and to keep costs low.

I financed a mower half-way through my first season and once it was paid off I financed another one (just this year). Both at zero percent interest. I also believe in buying newer reliable equipment bc down-time sucks. I have two trucks and 05' and and 07'. one is paid for the other i bought this year with 62kmiles and a brand new boss plow-to me it was a dumb idea not to do, especially for the price i got on it. NOW, the truck and mower are the only debts my business has currently, and both of the machines make me enough money to pay the monthly payments and profit.

I guess my point is to @coolluv, that I am not sitting on mounds of dough, I did start with absolutely nothing ($0) and we are at a very successful part of our business. I try to keep things as lean and mean as possible. To prove Sean's point, I am able to come in less than other guys, get the work and still profit more than they could. IT can be done and I'm trying to do it.
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