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Originally Posted by coolluv View Post
Well can you walk me through the process of the startup to the Real Business and the timeline to becoming the Real Business....and the $200 marketing campaign?

Based on how he figured going in house for payroll /accounting. The $200 marketing campaign is website doing it yourself (it is easier these days but remeber his background), online ads (craigs and such), article writing and submitting, seo stuff. All this a guy can do himself pretty well and not spend money for a pro to do it. But just like the accountant, how do you value your time?

The answser of when your in a real biz goes more to when you run the biz, not being the biz.

I think sean is basically saying he is paying himself xyz in salary. Part of those duties is managing which is sales/accounting/hr/purchasing/marketing. It doesn't matter how much time is spent in one as long as they all get done. Until the biz grows to a certain point he is very much the biz and saves money others may outsource. It works great if you can do it and still make a profit. But at a certain point one person can't wear all the hats and you need to hire for those spots which hopefully the expense spreads over more hrs which doesn't affect the rates as much.
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