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Originally Posted by jrs.landscaping View Post
So what's your price to mow 2 acres since that is the average "lawn" size in my area? Google Earth is a great tool that I use as well, but it never compensates for tree canopies over lawns, obsticles, terrain type, ground type, areas which may hold water.... all of these things can't be done by a computer. So going back, no two sets of properties will be the same based on these factors. As I stated earlier maybe on cookie cutter lots or subdivisions you could use sq ft as a price guide. You stick to your methods and I'll use mine, they've worked this long.....
Unless it is a track site in an area you know well then site visits are a must. However, commerical sites and estate lawns can be deceptive in size and I like to measure them with google or have some sort of tax info on the site before I visit it.
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