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Originally Posted by herler View Post
Seriously I mean F that S, folks realize all small engines, when it comes to emissions, it's all the same thing?
Who they think they kidding, that some kind of a noob test, maybe they testing you?

They don't have no dang catalytic on them.
There's no emissions control on a small engine.
It's all the same, fuel and air in one end, exhaust and emissions out the other.

So iffen they ain't 20 years old and burning oil due to bad rings or improper oil mix it's an very simple formula of x tons / year x 100 cc @ 100 psi compression, pretty much.

Now I gotta get back to the shine, thank'y'all and see ya 2013
I'm thinking you need to leave the shine alone. Emissions are on literally everything now. Including trimmers. Shindaiwa was putting cats on their trimmers years ago. And here's a mind bender for you.. Some mowers even have computer controlled fuel injection now. Yes way!

Stihl and Shindaiwa's 4 stroke small handhelds are smoking (pun intended) everybody else in the emissions department. They're ready for standards that aren't even written yet.

To the OP, the data you seek on GHG is available here:,d.b2I

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