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Time is not on their side. For that matter, it will shellshock the world when China finally reaches it's financial meltdown (which is going to happen). Communism is almost always extremely efficient for the short term because of how quickly a nation can completely rebuild itself. The long term problem is, China can't stay efficient now. They have more people than efficient products and infrastructure to build. So now the government simply builds for the sake of building. China has lavish ghost cities on scale with Manhattan (but 10 times as modern), all over the country. These cities were ( and still are being) built and literally never occupied . They face two problems, most of the citizens can't afford to buy or live in these inflated cities and they really don't have anything else for the 8-9 million new chinese people who enter the workforce every year to do. They have a housing and commercial real estate bubble that is believed will make the US crash look like a walk in the park. God help us if the chinese implode and get desperate, seems we played this game before with another superpower.

That's just one example of the future crisis they face. Many financial experts claim they are buying up all the world's gold and all the US debt to hedge their bets when their currency implodes, they also print their own money to buy these debts in order to keep their currency artificially weak. We owe them 1 trillion dollars in capital alone and that doesn't even count them buying up our debt bonds.

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