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Originally Posted by INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting View Post
For your consideration:

I am not aware of any 'slave labour' practises in China. I certainly have not seen it in SE China. Is it different there than here? Yes, absolutely, very different. But times, they are a - changin'.

China is most certainly not a 3rd world nation.

Labour costs in China are going up by double digit percentage points in many sectors with increases outstripping their economy's growth rate and most other economic indicators.

China is a net contributor to the IMF.

As for the world bank, they operate like a global central bank for nations... what of it? Here are some interesting economic stats about China from the world bank.

Thinking of moving manufacturing to China? You might want to seriously re-consider that and look to other emerging markets.
I said cheap, "possibly slave labor." Have you read the article on yahoo recently (yes I know, could be true/could be false, much like our gov't.?)

Anyways, the article stated that an employee of a manufacturing company hid a note inside a Halloween decoration that was to be shipped to the U.S. The letter stated the poor work conditions, very very poor wages, and that people were often hit, etc. and were not allowed to quit.

This is slave labor to we can't know for certain that it's true, however, I wouldn't put it past this Communist regime.
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