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$200 for marketing and advertising to build a business....

Before I begin, I'm going to say that hunger, desire and the refuse-to-lose attitude that goes along with the mere $200 is absolutely necessary.

So it's 2013, people look for everything they want and need online for the most part, so there needs to be a presence online. You need a website.

Wait, don't websites cost like $2,000 or something? Besides, how many people know how to build a website?'s easy. It's called Wordpress.

1.) Buy a domain name for your business - $6.99.

2.) Go to wordpress and set up a site - free.

3.) Direct your domain name to your wordpress site - $13.00.

4.) Get 5,000 flyers made (assuming you will make it look right and say the right things, not just a grocery list of services you provide) - $79.00.

5.) Get 1,000 business cards made at a site for $34.99.

6.) Build your google local page - an ABSOLUTE MUST - free.

7.) Place a business card sized ad in your local newspaper in the areas you intend to service - small newspaper - usually a once a week publication - $10.00 (weekly).

8.) Create a facebook page for your business and actually build it and use it - free.

9.) Email friends and family and let them know you are in business and ask them to spread the word.

10.) Get 8 large yard signs made from and strategically place them in high-traffic areas - $55.99

Total spent $199.97

Now I know better than anyone that it is the tendency for people on this site to go out of their way to poke holes in what I just said.

But please read my first few sentences. With a $200 budget, you can get a lot further in 2013 than you could in the year 2005 even.

It still comes down to your willingness and desire to get off your rear-end and do all of this - relentlessly. Passing out flyers, shaking hands, passing out business cards, telling people about your facebook page, placing signs, building your own site.... Effort.
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