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Originally Posted by KeystoneLawn&Landscaping View Post
I agree with Yardguy, except I do keep an eye on the competition. Never know when you may learn something from them. As for pricing, I no longer change a price after spending time to get to an educated price. In the past when a customer asked if that was the best I could do, I usually would go down a little. I will not do that anymore. I don't just throw numbers around to see what will stick and I provide high quality service. For mowing and plowing I know what I need to charge rather quickly. For larger projects that require planning, I scutinize the quote several times before giving to the perspective customer. The last three sentences is what I tell customers now who ask if thats the best I can do. I believe the valuable customers actually appreciate that response and I know I have landed projects that I wasn't the lowest bid on.
Good information. "Coming down" on price should only be a calculated consideration, never on a whim.
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