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How Should I Bill

Fellow LawnSite fellers,
I was with my father this morning and we were talking about my venture into the green industry. I started talking about how I am going to bill my clients. I think the best way to bill my clients would be to send them an invoice either monthly or bi-weekly. My father on the other hand told me that point of sale would be the best way. My father is an excellent business man. I respect him greatly. I just can't wrap my mind around how just getting money after I'm done mowing will work. I mean there is so many variables such as; client not being there, me being in a rush, weather, and many other scenarios. I need an organized system that will work well, but cater to my valued clients. I will not be legit this year either being that I will only be 17 come mowing season. So that will come into play also.
As soon as my signature becomes credible as an adult I will have all licenses etc.
Thank you all!
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