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Originally Posted by PaperCutter View Post
tony - everything I've read is that FB is discouraging ANY type of marketing message in the cover.
I'm glad you brought this up. My point of familiarizing yourself with Facebook Pages and marketing should have included "Read the FB TOS".

Re: following the TOS, I agree with you completely. It's where you say "ANY type of marketing message" where I'll start to veer off a bit. Obviously, everyone should follow the TOS, but there is definitely creative gray area as to what constitutes marketing, and the line that is walked is up to each business. Is a picture of your company billboard a violation if it has your contact info in it? If your logo is in it, does that constitute marketing to FB? Apparently not, but branding is marketing. What if your logo features a deal or call to action as part of it? Nike is a good example of ambiguity. Is including a Twitter hashtag outside the parameters of the TOS? To me, it can be argued either way.

My pointing out the covered phone numbers was specifically because it seemed to be a recurring theme for those who chose to include the info on their Cover. If you're going to float outside of the TOS, at least make it look good. The punitive side of FB only comes out in two situations that I've noticed, but I don't want to veer off into the ethics of a business' decision, both with the Page owner and Facebook themselves.

Personally, I choose to work within the confines of the 20% text content rule, preferring to go with tagline/slogans and, if the 160x160 Profile pic box doesn't showcase it well, the logo goes on the Cover. I prefer that the Cover image best shows what it is your business does. I do occasionally include a web address or phone number, but it depends on the application. I've had no issues from FB. Any issues I have seen are almost always related to calls to action and who exactly is making those calls (the ethical compass of FB again comes in to play here).
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