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You and your partner need to come up with your own content like Tony suggested. It is not that hard to write 300 words per page. You are two people that have been in business long enough to know what services you provide and how they will benefit customers, so just write about it.

Of course your content will be somewhat the same as most other Lawn Care & Landscape Companies, especially since they provide similar or the same services.

I would jump all over this RIGHT AWAY MAN! Google has been slamming their IRON FIST on duplicate content lately and have been rewarding quality sites.

Great photos(except for the one with the guy mowing on the Great Dane)they all need to get an "ALT" tag on them. AKA-Description. Example: The guy mowing >>> "Weekly Lawn Mowing for Residential customers in Boston, MA."

I am no SEO genius(Tony Knows), but have worked hard to get the sites I have built(mine also)to the front page of GOOGLE. I know first hand how hard it is to come up with NEW original content, especially when building a "competitors" site.

And most of all, come up with your own words and phrases. Customers will see right through the B.S.

Although, I love your LOGO, but that is just a piece of the puzzle when attempting to brand your name.

You are a professional, but your website is not. Just helping.

Here is what content management system I use for all the sites I have touched(which is FREE)

Good Luck Brotha!
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