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i'm doing much of the same as the OP, i know this is an old thread. i'm not in nearly as bad shape.. but i'm getting up there in age (37) lol. i have very few clients, and my expectations on what to make this first full year are not to high giving the hard economic times, but its what i like to do.. i'm starting with my truck and equipment paid for, a good bit put away in savings and a wife that works hard,.. all this is gonna help but i expect a rough 2 - 3 years getting it going right. i got a head start by getting out there towards the end of july last year.. so have a few clients and the name is out there.

i don't think i'd get out of IT or a gravy office job to do this. but manual labor is all i really do and mowing and spraying lawns beats the hell out of the job i just left slinging 60+ lb boxes for 12 hour shifts on night shift.. i've went all in for this year with my business.. gonna make it work or bust.. then just move to something else. not easy work, but i like it.

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So I wonder how it he has done, I am looking to start this year... Roll out Mar.1 treating and mowing, but starting out with very basic equipment 21" Honda, basic trimmer, edger and blower. No clients and building from there. All my other situation (no body issues) is like this guys and with our economy as it is now what would most of you say and how things are different if at all. I live in Oklahoma what does the market look like here. Thanks
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