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Originally Posted by Roger View Post
If you need carb parts, you can get those online, or through a channel other than Stihl. Zama carbs are not a Stihl part per se, so those parts do not have to pass through a dealer. If you need a carb , or a rebuild kit, find the number and get it through third party channels if you wish.
Just to be clear, while Zama makes all the carbs for Stihl, they are made to Stihl specs, and are not the same as other Zama carbs, and the carbs and parts Zama makes for Stihl, are only sold to Stihl.
They may interchange with other carbs on some parts, but it seems that Stihl has Zama make the carbs for them different enough that you need to go to Stihl to buy a whole carb.
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