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Originally Posted by rlitman View Post
Just to be clear, while Zama makes all the carbs for Stihl, they are made to Stihl specs, and are not the same as other Zama carbs, and the carbs and parts Zama makes for Stihl, are only sold to Stihl.
They may interchange with other carbs on some parts, but it seems that Stihl has Zama make the carbs for them different enough that you need to go to Stihl to buy a whole carb.
I think you are correct regarding ZAMA carbs being unique for STIHL. However, ZAMA carbs that are STIHIL-unique can be found through other channels. Typical STIHL parts must be bought through STIHL channels, but carbs must get a reprieve from that requirement.

For example, my FS90 uses a C1Q-S72 carb. Here is a link to buy one off e-bay,

I don't think I can buy any other STIHL part from a different channel. This e-bay link is only an example. There are many other places that make a C1Q-S72 available, full carb, not just the RB-97 rebuild kit.

Strange business ...

BTW, I would agree with others here -- better to buy a new carb than do the rebuild. I did not take this advice earlier, and rebuilt several. Hindsight tells me better to buy a replacement carb.
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