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Yeah right.

I was solo for 2 years. My vacation (up here in R.I.) was mid Dec-Mid Apr.

I didnt do snow, then started too and realized " I am on call" with the snow.

I hired a couple of people in april knowing i was having a baby in Nov. I trained and let them drive and even sent them out randomly to get used to when i wanted to send them after the baby arrived. I even gave responsability raises to them.

Either i did a bad job trianing them or they just felt like "eh who cares the boss isnt here for two weeks"

Needless to say withing 3 days of me being home the phone wrang off the hook with 1/2 dozen complaints. And i was back to work.

I sent letters to my customers stating "No snow" this year due to baby. Lost a few that probably werent worth keeping anyway. And now im off Mid Dec-Mid April again! Which sucks because my wife is a school teacher so we NEVER have the same time off, and thats why i went to key west solo last jan.

Vacation for you will depend on

1. your work load
2. your productivity (with out sacrificing quality)
3. your local weather/season.

It is what you make it.
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