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Originally Posted by ringahding View Post
Live & Learn. Most of these people on the forum are here to help, so keep checking back or in and get more feedback when changes are made.

And it is VERY clear you have a professional company, we would hate to see your REP get shot @ for duplicate content.

Your VAC truck is awesome, I am very close to needing an upgrade myself for fall clean ups.

If you need any pointers Tony could possibly point you in the right direction or other guys who have serious years of experience with website building on this forum.
I agree with Ring. If you start out the right way, you'll do fine. After you make some changes, just yell when you're ready for more feedback.

The reality is, writing content can be the hardest thing people have to do. There's definitely nothing wrong with using another site as a baseline, just rewrite it in your own words. Trust me, I think we've all seen every way one can even try to uniquely describe Lawn Edging, so just outline your thoughts and fill in from there. If you do this, it will be unique. Search Engines are likely going to just get more punitive when it comes to dupe pics and content from here on out. Google and Bing image search have noticeably stepped this up.

When it comes to new sites, my advice would be to write what you can for each page, with length not being too important. Just get something decent on the page and then register and submit your site to Google and Bing's Webmaster Tools. You'll also want to create a Google Analytics account so you can see who is visiting your site, why they are, and where they are coming from. Once you see Google has started passing through your site to index it, revise your content to be a bit deeper, more descriptive, and lengthier. This provides you with some sanity and breathing room of publishing a full site right off the bat, while allowing Google to see you're adding new content.

Good luck and just yell when you have questions.
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