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I am about halfway through the training for Hindsite and it seems to be clarifying the way I have billed for years but with some flexibility for those odd, different situations, so its not really different at all, just more organized.

I have been a compulsive list maker for all of my life. For the last several years my office guru has been trying to get me out of that , if for nothing more than to save a tree. I do keep strategic notes and can usually find them after some searching desk tops and cork boards but Hindsite will really help in this.

I picked up a new customer today who fired her last company because he continually billed her for two techs on a one man job. I felt confident enough to promise her that a one man job will always be billed for that. Obviously, I told her it was my organization's determination of how many people it took for certain operations, but with HS I should be able to flag her account so when creating a work order or invoice it will remind me of my promise to her.

I could go on and on about why I chose to try this but I guess the main reason is that every time I have tried new approaches, I always benefit.
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