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Originally Posted by jrs.landscaping View Post
So what's your price to mow 2 acres since that is the average "lawn" size in my area? Google Earth is a great tool that I use as well, but it never compensates for tree canopies over lawns, obsticles, terrain type, ground type, areas which may hold water.... all of these things can't be done by a computer. So going back, no two sets of properties will be the same based on these factors. As I stated earlier maybe on cookie cutter lots or subdivisions you could use sq ft as a price guide. You stick to your methods and I'll use mine, they've worked this long.....
Here's how it works! You get a call from a lead, soon to be customer. You get the basics of what they want, and what day is good to come by.They give your the Address. Using the Address, you go to Google earth and measure the property.This gives you a good idea of a ballpark price.Going by my price guide. You show up to customers home,look over the property and give a final price.
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