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It is important

I am new to this site, retired military and this is one of my pet peeves that I have learned over the years. Appearance is more important that most people realize. In this line of work, it means your equipment and yourself.
The first impression people (potential customers) have of you is what they see..before you even say a word. It is not very hard to clean your equipment and maintain it so it looks professional. It shows something I think if you don't. I have a friend and his dad owned a million dollar company. When someone interviewed for the job, his dad would send an employee out to look at the prospective employee's vehicle to see if it was nice and clean, inside and out or looked like a dumpster on wheels. If it looked like the latter, that person was not hired. I totally understand this frame of mind. I admit I am OCD and probably take it to the extreme, but it has paid off time and time again.
Good luck to all of you in 2013, and let's kick some ass..I mean grass.
Jeff W.
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