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Originally Posted by Brucelawns View Post
I had this thought process 4 year's ago. Should I hire someone or stay solo. You can do more work with two people compared to one. More work equals more profit. You say that you can get up to 30 calls a day. That's hard to believe but for argumentative sake. If you get that many calls you are letting a lot of business walk. The more work the more profit. If you don't have enough work for another guy (40 hr week) then be straight up with the guy and he'll stay around. If you say you are turning down lots of work that means you can't do it all meaning you need more help to get the jobs done.
I haven't been on lawnsite in awhile but its sad people don't even believe each other. From the beginning of March to the end of June I usually get the 30 calls a day or so. I do turn down a TON of work but a lot of the people call me because they see I do quality work and I do get tons of calls from word of mouth. Now the word of mouth clients I do feel bad not taking on but hiring help just adds more headache. I've seen quite a few people on here mention they'd rather stay solo and keep quality accounts instead of taking what ever they can get to keep employees busy.

I only use a 36in mower because anything bigger wouldn't fit in the gates and a lot of my properties have slopes/hills and I would rather not use a bigger zero turn or even a bigger walk behind on them properties.

As far as my pricing and sizing of property. There all under 1/2 acre and a lot of them are less than 15,000 sq feet and most are less than 10,000 sq feet. A lot of guys JUST for mowing, edging, line trimming, blowing charge around $25 to $35 which is what my average is.
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