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There is mainly the pricing issue. I use my name as my handle here, and while I can recommend Holidynamics as well, they have a contractor pricing level and retail. I really don't need my customers knowing exactly where I get my products and what I pay for clips, wreaths, etc. And they do look for me by the way. they google your name and your business name and check you out. They read your posts on boards. So while I am happy to discuss what I charge customers retail and what overhead costs and etc. on a public board, and maybe marketing companies I use, I no longer reveal my costs of goods sold or where I buy them.

Customers will read this info and use it against you to try and get your price down. funny thing is, they ignore the discussions on the internet on the costs of this business, the insurance, building overhead and truck, gas expense and pretend that dies not exist when it comes to pricing. They only want to know what you "paid" for it.
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