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And Takedow begins in earnest...

We took 8 jobs down last week right after Christmas, but most of my clients don't want it taken down until Jan. 2 or later. so the big rush is on. since my guys were off Monday and Tuesday this week, we are going to run 10 days in a row so everyone can get 40 hours or so in this week thru sunday, and then the next 5 days will let guys get 40 hours for the following week. I hope at the end of 10 days we are somewhere around 2/3 done. but won't know til we get there.

Trying a new takedown method this year. instead of sending 2 guys with each truck and giving each crew 3-5 jobs a day, I am running with all the crews together and all guys attack a house and get it down very quickly. so far it seems it keeps everyone's pace high and motivation high since we seem to get a ton of work done really fast. but I think we are getting the same work done. But it makes the larger jobs seem easier when you get them done with 7 guys in 45 minutes to an hour rather than 2 guys for 3 hours. smaller jobs get done in 15 -20 minutes. also I am having all guys put up jobs in the racks this year rather than having the shop foreman have to put up all 4 trucks.

was 17 degrees when we started yesterday and 13 degrees today. should warm up to 39 though. at least it is sunny and no wind. Got 16 down yesterday. so at 24 down total.
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