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Originally Posted by OKSooner View Post
What's your experience? Suggest some stuff for my new client - regular -sized residential lot, raised bed in the front yard facing the street.

What plants/trees/shrubs have you noted that get a good effect being lit up at night, and in what way?

Discussion not limited to plants, though. Thoughts/pictures of water fixtures, statuary, etc, welcome.

I'll start. Japanese maples of the correct size, uplit, with not too much light (usually a 20w halogen fixture is plenty) seems like a good specimen item.

How 'bout shrub roses, chinese junipers, and ornamental grasses - and water features? Any thoughts?

I agree, tough to respond to such a broad question. Better to be specific about each plant type, landscape feature etc.

One useful resource is the CAST Lighting photo gallery. It contains over 400 photos of projects from about 50 of the best designers. It is all indexed by plant type, landscape feature, architectural style, lighting technique, etc. It also has notes from the designers and the fixtures they used.

You can access the gallery from any page in the website - click on "Gallery" on the top navigation bar.
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