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Any natural insecticide needs to last a month or it becomes impractical to go by every 2 weeks. I am familiar with most of the natural products out there but have not run across one yet to make the top dog of the insecticide control program.
Last year my neighbor had a roach problem. In the past I used a natural product that you could say it worked. But this past year I took a product off my shelf that had been sitting there for years and tried it. Roaches were everywhere dieing a slow death. I could hardly take a step in the walk way around the house without stepping on one. I wondered how many more were croaking in the beds and grass. Conclusion: no natural product will do that. No roach was seen crawling on her porch at night. Satisfied customer,just wish she thought to pay me.
Having said that,I hate using chemicals.Guess I better watch out or I will be found out for hate speech.
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