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Originally Posted by Duekster View Post
I have one set up and I have my website link on it. Just saying that even if I search for my company or use the webmaster tools... not once has FB showed up either way. Linked In however does show up in the search results.
That's odd. I have no problem finding various LCO's FB pages in the results. When I add your business name and Facebook to the query, I do find yours, as well as that there are quite a few same name companies to yours, including a couple on FB, so knee-jerk thought is that could be part of the issue.

As Headz points out, I agree with him and recommend a FB Page for businesses, but whether it becomes an integral part of your marketing is up to you and your plan. I'm less keen on it, and really not keen on Twitter at all unless you make a real go of it. Unless you try a Facebook ad campaign (which I do recommend as a test), it's not at all a cold lead gen tool, and the painful 16% issue that Papercutter and I have talked about, are the biggest issues.
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