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You don't mention lay of your land (hills, slopes, obstacles) nor, more importantly, your budget. That aside, I'd be looking for at least a 48" mid to upper level consumer ztr. I am not impressed with any entry level z, certainly not for any property size above 1/2 acre. But that's my preference.

Check out (in no particular order):
Ariens Max Zoom
Country Cliper Jazee Pro - accepts a OEM snowblower
Gravely ZT HD - same as Ariens with different engines
Hustler FasTrak SD
Dixie Chopper Magnum
Bob-Cat FastCat Pro SE

Keep in mind that the models I suggested are more prosumer/entry commercial class; lessor models are also available that you might find more than enough machine for you. Other manufacturers (i.e. Exmark, Ferris, Cub, JD, ...) offer similar machines. I based my list on the dealers in my area I'd be most inclined to do business with.

Also, many would find me remiss if I didn't at least suggest purchasing a used commercial machine. However, when I was looking, the only used fully commercial units I found all had 2500+ hours, and priced around $4500 to $5000. Could be a geographical thing.

And be sure to demo, demo, demo. Happy hunting...
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