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Originally Posted by Pittsburgh Stone83 View Post
I am looking to incorporate a full time Office manager this year. Has anybody used one in the past or currently? I putting a list of services that this positoin could provide. Any ideas beyond the obvious?
There was another poster that complained what a bad job his office manager did. Couldn't keep the books straight.
He wanted to know how to hire a good office manager.

What he needed to do was hire a good book keeper and do all the billing. That could also intelligently handle the phone and do any needed corresponding.

You don't need an office manager to handle or direct sales calls unless your business is that large and you have full time salesmen.

As a small business owner when the customers call they should get you to answer the phone. You are the business, you are one in the same as the business.

Do people need to or expect to speak with the CEO of GM or Ford to buy a car no. Then your business is not on that scale.

If you have more office work then you can handle at night then it is time to hire a crew leader that you can send out without you. Now you have the time to deal with customers, phones, managing, free you up to estimates quicker.

Now depending on how much time book keeping you probably can get away with a part time book keeper first.
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