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Jeff From Sevierville, TN

Hello to everyone in the business. I am retired military and a former police officer. I am 49 and decided it is time for me to work for myself with my final job. I have a business plan written, all of my forms made up, including a contract with 3 different payment options, business cards, web site, have 3 accounts already and hundreds of flyers passed out, hundreds more will be passed out. I have magnetic signs on my truck and am getting lettering on the back window.
My goal is to get 30 clients at which point I will be satisfied. This combined with my retirement will be just fine for me and my wife. I have read just about everything you can possibly read regarding the business and am applying what I think will fit for me. I currently have a Scag walk behind 48" commercial advantage mower that I purchased Gator G 6 blades for and have done the maintenance on the mower (2006) to prepare for my first season. I am buying a Honda push mower for $500.00 and will get a ZTR, probably a toro commercial. I did not know squat about this until I started researching it. I have maintained my homes that I have owned over the years and learned the basics about lawn care from that experience. I am OCD and very attention to detail oriented and enjoy this work. I don't do anything half ass and am stoked to get started. I know there will be negatives, but I am in a positive frame of mind and ready to roll. I will succeed no matter what. I have recieved alot of information and advice from folks on here and appreciate that. Good Luck to all of you on here. Hopefully the economy will get better and it will effect all of us in a positive manner. No matter what though, the grass is going to grow. Jeff
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