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exmark metro 36 OPC

i bought this older metro 36, early 2000 model. releasing the Operator pressence control only shuts off mower when blades are engaged. when the blades are disengaged and i'm driving, the OPC is disabled

from what i've read on here i understand some guys disable them, i don't see the need for that. so was wondering if anybody who has disabled them, or re-hooked them back up can give me some insight on where to look, i see a green and yellow wire connect up under the controls, and it goes down to a place next to transmission where its connected.. anyways, mama said it never hurts to ask.. lol. i may end up taking it to a dealer, but would like to see if its something simple.

also, is it true that you can upgrade to the ECS controls? not sure if it'd be worth it for an old mower (in great shape though)
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