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DA Quality Lawn & YS, I'm glad it worked out for that customer. Wish my case was that simple. I have double the amount of trees and shrubs damaged than what DuPont's hired arborist stated. I had to get help from a law firm and get an independent arborist to document everything. I sincerely tried working with DuPont, but they just didn't seem to want to compensate for my true loss. Each property has it's own situation. Some properties weren't hit as hard as others and some still can't replant without damage occuring to the new plants (according to reports on Lawnsite). In fact, I was told I probably would not be able to replant my privacy hedge for a number of years. That is also something to be compensated for that is beyond DuPont's original offer to me. There are many things beyond their puny 15% "extra" compensation that my loss is not fully covered. I can't afford to lose out financially on something that was someone elses fault. Some can absorb certain losses, but not in my situation. The impact to me is too great. But, glad when things have worked out well for others.
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