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Snow Attachment Recommendations

I'd like to start using my CTL in a subdivision that I plow. I've always used trucks in there but there isn't a lot if room to stack snow, and I think my loader would be more efficient. I have a pusher box for bigger, wide open areas, but it doesn't have a back drag edge and isn't really designed for that. The subdivision has 100+ drives that we clear along with the streets. I'm looking at either a snowblower attachment or a large power angle snow blade. The snowblower is intriguing since I'll only move the snow one time and it will probably clear better. My machine is not high flow, so not sure if that's a deal breaker. On the flip side, a blade would be more useful on other parking lots. I haven't ruled out a Kage system, but i've never seen one in person and already have the pusher box. Anybody have a recommendation on what they've had luck with?
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