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yeah I hear you on the size issue. I'm 6-4 and noticed the low height of the handles right away on the Tiger Cat. I'd have to make a little bracket to get them higher. The Tiger Cat is almost identical to the Wildcat I just sold. I loved the Wildcat and would take another in a heartbeat but no local dealers have any left, Scag quit making them I guess. The Wildcat cut great, was comfy to operate, pretty good on gas and light enough to not rut. I only sold it cause it had high-ish hours & it was a 52" vs a 61". I've grown enough to justify the cost of a new larger mower vs a used one so that's what I'm doing. The deck is the same between the both machines, just bigger, so I can't image the cut quality would be any different.

The price between the Tiger Cat and Cheetah is significant enough to go with the smaller machine. I also have no real purpose to mow grass at 50mph so the added cost of the cheetah won't help my productivity. I do all residentials and wouldn't need to hop around large complexes/parking lots. I just unload, mow, load up and hit the next one.

So besides the size issue, any other cons on the Tiger Cat?
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