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Originally Posted by smallstripesnc View Post
$25 a lawn is a little low but I do have properties that pay $35 or so. Also my issue isnt getting the jobs either. I turn down tons of work because theres simply not enough hours in a day.

As for equipment I have all I need to run solo. I only use 36in mowers because mostly all ny properties have gates and they also are all less than 1/2 acre. Most are 10000sq feet or less but few are bigger.

Now I would be using an additional 36in walk behind so two mowers at once.

I know I couldnt do over 15 a day with help because of the dtiving unless i got a really tight route which takes time.

Getting more work isnt hard at all. So I know I would be covered in that sense.

Im just scared to mess up a friendship since he's a close friend and needs the cash. At the same time I want to watch out for myself.
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Originally Posted by smallstripesnc View Post
Believe what you want and I don't want a website anymore because I get too much business. It sounds like someone is a little jealous. Its actually a PITA to get so many calls because while I'm trying to cut grass I'm getting calls constantly. My email is blown up along with my voicemail and its very overwhelming. Now after June it slows down. Maybe I need to be schooling you on marketing. I passed out a TON of fliers (with the estimate on the flier) which helped get calls, craigslist helps some, and word of mouth is really what got the calls coming in.

As far as being scared of success I would say I do pretty good. I make WAY more than working at mcdonalds flipping burgers and have more than enough to support my family. What else can I ask for?
A 22 yr old kid that is charging $25 a lawn that only mows 10 lawns a day is going to say he's going to school me on marketing and how to run a business?? And He says I'm jealous? You charge one lawn for $25 and it takes you an hour to mow?? I'm not trying to pick a fight. I'm sure you do nice work. I'm saying that if you're only making $250 a day and are turning down TONS of work then you are losing TONS of money. To me your story doesn't add up. Staying solo is what some guys want to do. In my opinion you are letting alot of jobs walk or aren't charging enough. If that's what you want to do then go for it.

You say you do a TON of fliers. Why? If you are getting 30 calls a day for 3 months straight. I know exactly how many fliers we pass out and direct mail and in what areas. 2700 calls in 3 months??? WOW!
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