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Originally Posted by KrayzKajun View Post
The supervisor, said i could pick through them and take the uncoated poles if i wanted. Thought about making a few 10' long mats , say 5poles wide. Could use them to sit pallets on top of or i like yellowdogs idea. Put my buckets, grapple, bushhog etc... On them to keep them out the mud.
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If my poles weren't so big, I considered making a washing deck out of them. I could make a base ramp and the mud and debris would fall between the poles when I pressure wash my machines. Probably any number of uses on private land.. I did a paper on PCBs in school. That's some nasty stuff so best to keep old poles away from waterways but I don't see a problem using them on your own land or even selling some for fence posts or footbridges.

Someone must have another creative idea. Any artists out there?

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