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Originally Posted by EARTH5 View Post
ok, here we go again... i worked on mower today and i filled the hydro tank then lifted mower off the ground, then put in forward and ran it for a while and only one wheel was turning the other i could stop with my hand!! so i let run some more and now it seems to work fine again.. no issues except still has a few i am really confused and wonder if i should do anything at all or take off hydros and get a rebuild kit?? Also where do i get the kits for hydro gear? never seen them offered at exmark...........
Whaddaya mean no issues??????? Leaks are an issue! Where is it leakin from? You might wanna fix the leaks, no?
If the pump is leaking, you need a SEAL kit, Hydro Gear doesn't make a rebuild kit. Any internal parts are sold separately.
It ain't rocket science! far.

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