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Oh, that's really ugly... I wouldn't expect that Alberta Spruce to come back either. Looks even worse than ours. Our Alberta Spruce was measured at 7'. Every bit of new growth from 2011-2012 ended up being small, rock-hard dark balls. The ones away from the application look great and continued adding growth both seasons.

I'm pretty concerned about our 12" circumference laceleaf Japanese Maple which was measured at 5'. We could never replace it. It didn't have a good year and what was on wasn't it's regular bright green in the spring and it didn't break out in vibrant color this fall - foliage was weak looking all year. Our 20" circumference, 11' dogwood has severely drooping limbs and nasty, cupped looking leaves. Davey rated both at a "1". The guy was not an arborist... maybe a tree trimmer.

Damage on various types of landscape including: Alberta Spruce, Taxus Yews, Dogwood, Arborvitae, Barberry, Japanese Maple, Scots Pine, White Pine and Colorado Spruce.

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