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According to my experiments it should be OK. Slow of course.

I am planning to do some experiments with newly sprouted rye grass raised inside in containers at room temperature. I will put some of them outside or in a freezer for 24 hours. And bring the containers back inside--will grass be killed? What is your prediction? I will keep an eye on my neighbor's grass that was planted about late October and a second neighbor planted about the first week of November. 30 degrees and 4 inches of snow on the ground at the moment.

I plan to plant some grass every month this winter--and watch the results. Four inches of snow now. I can find the flower pots outside in my garden...but...snow is covering the vacant lot where I have been doing experiments. I will seed on top of snow, but I am not sure how to mark the plots--maybe I can hammer in iron nails with plastic labels. Plots are one square yard. Snow often remains with us until the first week of March--but--we expect a brief thaw in about 4 days. Not sure if we will see our grass in January or February.

Hopefully I will be able to do my chickweed control experiments during a brief thaw this week. Four weed control products to compare. I have transplanted chickweed to containers inside, and it is growing fine now--very small leaves yet. I will move it outside for the actual spraying--and then after the odor has dissipated move it back indoors into my office.
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