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I don't have much time, so I'm not reading the replies of others, just giving a shooting from the hip overview (anymore I save complete site reviews for real full sites)

Two big strikes right off the bat:

1. I have to search around to find out where you service

2. I have to search around to find out your phone number.

These two things should be easily found on your home page.

Color scheme, especially for the company name rings "DIY", a gmail account also does not lend to a professional image.

I won't go into the issues of Wix, as they have been covered many times in these threads. If all you care about is google's results and how they work "today" then no big deal since wix is using tricks to get google to see the content... FOR NOW, however keep in mind google changes its rules often, and more and more people are using their default browser (IE) with it's default search engine (bing), which, which doesn't index WIX sites well, if at all.

What does your site look like to search engines? No, that is no mistake that nothing is there, that is what search engines see.

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