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i have about 25 or so yards. i'm not completely full yet. i've only been in business 2 years. this year is year number 3. i have several yards that are 2-3acres in size. they take about 1 1/2hrs-2 1/2hrs to edge, mow, trim, and blow. i'm solo.

i'm not gonna raise the deck and cut at 4" on southern grass that is normally cut 1 1/2"-2". no customer would accept that and neither would i. it would look horrible.

apparently where i live it's different from 99% of you guys on lawnsite. noone is gonna pay for weekly cuts at $100-$125 a cut here. they can't afford that. i don't live in an area of rich people. they are middle class people. sure i have a few small yards that are $35-$40 and $50-$60 a cut. the weekly yards i have are $35, $40, and $45 per cut. they can afford it since it's cheap. the others can't which is 90% of my customers.

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