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Originally Posted by ed2hess View Post
Guess you got fixed height decks eh? I thought you had a sentar RH?
besides raising the deck would just mean the next time you went to cut the yard the grass would be even taller. it would be 10" tall instead of 6".

i don't even know what a sentar rh is. maybe you are talking about a wright sentar? they don't even sale wright mowers around these parts of the world. i wouldn't want one anyways.

most of the summer here it's over 90 so the grass doesn't grow as fast for the biggest part of the season. usually it is about 4" when i cut bi weekly and i cut it down to 2" on average. of course it varies based on the amount of rain and such.

you can't pull the trick that some try to pull and mow it higher and say it needs to be mowed every week. lol if you did that the people would just say mow it shorter. they aren't stupid.

there's a company here that tries to do that. they cut one of my neighbor's yards. it always looks terrible.

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