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I'm currently bidding landscaping jobs at 45/mhr with a 20% markup any subs prices and a 10% markup on materiel handling cost and take the total and add another 10% for uh oh factor so far it's worked out good, we dont get every job we bid but the ones we do get we make decent money. The market here won't really bear much more than that, I've been told on a few occasions we are high but it was a fair bid they just didn't have the budget. I think when you break down your prices within reason for the customer and educate them it makes them feel better about your bidding. I had a phamplet made up about RED FLAGS in the contracting industry and give it to the customer and tell them weather they choose us or not please be careful about the so called "Low price leader" and that great price usually comes with the long term consequence of a poor job. Just today, I was ask to bid on a repair job because the customer got a great deal but can't get in touch with the contractor to fix the poor workmanship he did.
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