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I'm not trying to **** and I do apologize as I'm sure that is how I came off above and in the thread I attached. But my source for products is what sets me apart from my local competitors. You don't have a location listed, for all I know you may be the guy up the street who lost jobs to me because he was pushing lights and displays from the bigbox stores, and now you are trying to get into a more professional product. Even if you are not local to me, by posting that information here, we are making it clearly accessible to any of our local competitors who know how to use google.

You will see us reference the big distributors by either the initials of the company name, for example CD, HD, HBL, or some times by there locations if it is distinct, ie or friend mike in NE. If you do a search or just browse through the first few pages of the holiday treads you will find these answers very simply.
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